Annual Girls Ski Trip 🎿

For 5+ years in the early 2000s, we made our annual girls’ ski trip a priority and typically visited both Vail and Breckinridge. Ski towns are so full of life, begging you to let loose.

I’ll never forget the first time riding up a Colorado gondola feeling like it would never end and getting nervous that I had to somehow safely get back down on my own 2 skis. To put it in perspective, I had only dabbled in the hills in Northern VA and NC where snow was blown in to supplement the icy stuff barely covering the ground & the ride to the top maxed out at 5 mins.

One year I decided to try snowboarding (very similar to growing up on skateboards and wakeboarding) and I never looked back. Being able to carve in this fluffy snow was so exhilarating and we closed down the lifts every night. Recovery was always hitting the hot tub and indulging in cheese fondue.

We started out in simple hotel rooms but eventually we upgraded to cute, ski chalets with loads of amenities and never looked back.

My most memorable experience was night snowmobiling on the ski slopes after they closed to the public…..Full throttle into the darkness and stopping high above the city lights, without light pollution, to expose the night sky and billions of stars. The first time seeing the massive Milky Way took my breath away. A moment captured in time that is a highlight in my life to this day. I also remember sitting down on a frozen swing set with a temperature gauge reading -10 degrees and only staying for maybe 5 mins before heading back to the warm lodge for an extra large hot chocolate.

If you have never planned a ski trip, do yourself a favor and make time. Reach for the stars! ⭐️

Published by elliottcm

Love adventure travel, work hard & play hard, happy in both extremes - relaxing on a remote beach or rappelling down cliffs, take joy in simple things, love being on & near the water, visited 55 countries & 47 states so far in this crazy beautiful life! Goals by my 50th birthday - 50 states. 75 countries. 50 national parks. Be in Antarctica on my big day.

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