Moorea, French Polynesia 🇵🇫

I don’t take for granted my extreme adventurous spirit….. ever!

After a 3:50am delayed arrival onto the island of Tahiti, I got whisked away to my hostel directly adjacent to the ferry in downtown Papeete. I had 45 mins for a Power Nap and quick shower to refresh prior to dashing over to the terminal to grab a spot on the first sailing to Moorea at 620am.

The short 17km channel between the two French Polynesian islands was my literal passage into vacation mode and my smile grew wider with every wave we crushed through.

I had no plan but immediately knew when I bolted off the ferry I was going to rent a scooter for the day to enjoy this paradise on my own terms.

With a killer playlist, I tooled around the island loop hugging the coastline and couldn’t have been happier with the freedom to roam. I stopped at every overlook and even caught a glimpse of the infamous overwater bungalows. Stunning!

About halfway around the island, I took a beach break and had the entire shoreline to myself. AYKM? Tucked into a bay between the towering, rugged cliffs and the open sea, the white sand beach had crystal blue waters that I just had to dip my toes into.

Then I rode high up into the mountains to get a different perspective and it didn’t disappoint. After a short 1km hike to a couple of overlooks, I sped down the switchbacks to continue my journey.

I found a popular Oceanside cafe to indulge in some fresh shrimp curry while basking in the gorgeous 70 degree summer sunshine. The eyeballs were even glaring back at me… talk about fresh seafood!

I couldn’t resist another beach visit to enjoy some snorkeling and swimming, prior to completing the loop. Not a bad way to spend 7 hrs and ease into an exciting 3 weeks of vacation. I had earned it!

Published by elliottcm

Love adventure travel, work hard & play hard, happy in both extremes - relaxing on a remote beach or rappelling down cliffs, take joy in simple things, love being on & near the water, visited 55 countries & 47 states so far in this crazy beautiful life! Goals by my 50th birthday - 50 states. 75 countries. 50 national parks. Be in Antarctica on my big day.

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