Highs and Lows

A tear slid down my cheek atop the Zion Canyon overlook rock that I was perched on for a calm sunset over the valley below. A euphoric high that I vaguely remember from 12 years ago on my first visit but it is refreshingly new from a different vantage point. A sliver of time thatContinue reading “Highs and Lows”

Inspiration Point

Waiting atop Inspiration Point at Bryce National Park for sunrise on a brisk October morning, I hear a giddy squeal as a group of tourists make their way up the pathway. One of the ladies can’t contain her excitement and squeals again shouting “no way” & “oh my”. Everyone around starts to smile & laughContinue reading “Inspiration Point”

Happiest when…….

What is it that makes you tick? What gets your heart racing in excitement? What can always break you out of a bad mood? Is there a switch you can flicker to jump start your imagination? How well do you know you? Some are easily achievable and you routinely share. But what if you digContinue reading “Happiest when…….”

One life

You only live one life so how are you going to spend it? With regrets? Should haves? A giver? Dieting? Content? Scared to try? Studying? Hating yourself? Life of the party? A go getter? Beating yourself up over a past mistake? With friends? Sleeping the day away? Working? Laughing? Seeing the world? Learning a newContinue reading “One life”

Edge of happiness

Gooseneck state park in southeastern Utah was so dreamy at sunset and I felt a surge of happiness overcome me. How do you bottle up something so special and be able to return to it when life gets tough? My hot pot made a killer packaged cheese enchilada goop 😋 – seriously!! 🧀 Hot chocolateContinue reading “Edge of happiness”

What is it about a sunset? 🌅

Is it…… the pastel hues that are so calming? the fire 🔥 orange that means something great is bound to happen? the satisfaction of seeing another one set peacefully? the promise of a new day & start tomorrow? the simplicity of not being in control of Mother Earth? the wonders of nature shining thru? thatContinue reading “What is it about a sunset? 🌅”

11 days

11 days into this trip of a lifetime – pinch me!Plan is 11 states. 13 national monuments. 19 national parks. 50 days. 62 stops.Livin’ my dream & just gettin’ started 🏞🥾🏔🌅📸🍺 “Your passion is for you.Your purpose is for others.Your passion makes you happy.But when you use your passion to make a difference in someoneContinue reading “11 days”

Fearless geyser – Yellowstone NP

Did you know there is a Fearless geyser in Yellowstone National Park 🏞? I spent a little extra time just sitting at this natural wonder. It would rumble & gurgle occasionally. Mud spews. Vents hiss. Roots sizzle. Cauldrons churn. Pungent sulphur smells take over….. But unbeknownst to you or I is when the next suddenContinue reading “Fearless geyser – Yellowstone NP”

1 epic trip – 19 US National Parks

Shame on me. In my extensive travels so far, I have only visited 10 of our 62 US National parks. 🏞 ⛰🏜 How is that possible??!! On my current trip of a lifetime, I have the potential to hit 19 (14 new to me) so I fully intend to take advantage of the annual $80Continue reading “1 epic trip – 19 US National Parks”

9/11 hike to remember

I always try to escape somewhere on 9/11 for some quiet time & to reflect. I remember working at the Disney Sports Clubhouse & not being able to get thru to my college roommate Olympia, who was working near the Pentagon. And now 19 years later, I’m staying with her beautiful family prior to startingContinue reading “9/11 hike to remember”