Parking Wars

I bought my first car my sophomore year in college…. a used white VW rabbit. It lasted a couple years until it died on me in the middle of the rural Virginia mountains on my way back home for Christmas break. I went on to buy my dads next 2 cars, both Ford Escorts. ReliableContinue reading “Parking Wars”

Hawaii fav pics & quotes – part 1

I’ve never been more inspired and motivated. It’s amazing what a little adventure and finding your true passion can do. Taking pictures and then trying to articulate the experience through my own eyes has become a new outlet for me to sink my somewhat lack of creativity into. It was extremely enlightening to not beContinue reading “Hawaii fav pics & quotes – part 1”


The day I get home from one of my crazy adventures it is always the same – throw everything into the washing machine and fall to sleep in my own bed. That feeling of complete comfort makes all the days of sleeping in the back of a van or tossing/turning on a red eye flightContinue reading “Restless”

You played 4 collegiate sports?

I did it for the challenge. If you could add value to each team, would you go for it? My first love was always basketball, so finding a school that embraced ‘ball was my top priority. Actually most people don’t know that my second best sport was a toss up between volleyball and softball (ultimatelyContinue reading “You played 4 collegiate sports?”

Transcontinental Cruisin’

There are a few openings on a last minute Disney cruise crossing the Atlantic, do you want to go? A no brainer. After a stop in the coveted Castaway Cay for a day of pampering ourselves, we set off for 6 days at sea without stepping foot on land or seeing other ships. Most peopleContinue reading “Transcontinental Cruisin’”

Ahhhhhh a Greece 1st timer

For those that know me, it’s no surprise that I picked the 3:10am flight out of Cairo via Athens to Chania, Greece. Why would I choose to brave the crazy Egyptian traffic at 12:30am (yes you read that correctly in this city of 300 million residents), fight keeping my dry contacts in all night andContinue reading “Ahhhhhh a Greece 1st timer”

Hiking To The Wave

If you are an avid hiker or outdoor enthusiast, the elusive Wave has been on your bucket list since you began your journey into the wild. I had high hopes of winning the lottery during my short stint in Kanab, but had a solid backup planned out that I throughly intended to enjoy. When IContinue reading “Hiking To The Wave”

Pie eating contest 🥧

Of all the spontaneous weekend trips I plan, none are more important than those involving auntie duty. On par with my self induced crazy schedule, I attended an amazing concert the night before my pre dawn flight to NC. With only 4 hours to spare, I decided to head straight to the airport and tryContinue reading “Pie eating contest 🥧”

Stairway to Heaven Hike

I’ve dreamt about this one for years. Stairway to Heaven or Haiku Stairs is one of the most iconic treks in the world at 3,922 steps. Built in 1942 by the Navy for access to a radio relay station during WWII, it has been illegal to hike since 1987 due to disrepair of the stepsContinue reading “Stairway to Heaven Hike”

Blue Ridge mountain escape

Everyone needs an escape every once in a while. I may take that to the extreme, and I certainly jumped at the chance to reunite with my college besties for a late summer 2021 rendezvous in the stunning Blue Ridge mountains (a preview of our 25th reunion upcoming in October). The sweet spot was inContinue reading “Blue Ridge mountain escape”