Annual Girls Ski Trip 🎿

For 5+ years in the early 2000s, we made our annual girls’ ski trip a priority and typically visited both Vail and Breckinridge. Ski towns are so full of life, begging you to let loose. I’ll never forget the first time riding up a Colorado gondola feeling like it would never end and getting nervousContinue reading “Annual Girls Ski Trip 🎿”

What is a legacy

Legacy is a culmination of everything we do or desire, all that we are, dream about, talk about or share with others. Creating that intangible legacy for your life that transcends self is one of the highest callings we can set out to attain. Innovation. Resilience. Joy. Grit. Self determination. Triumph. Transformation. Did you walkContinue reading “What is a legacy”

Haiti 2011

I had a transformative experience visiting Haiti a year after the devastating earthquake ravaged the island. After hosting the Haiti women’s national soccer team at Disney Sports through the massive efforts of the Heaberlin family, we formed a beautiful bond with these players over a week of competitive games, learning Haitian sayings, seeing the themeContinue reading “Haiti 2011”

The Road to Hana – Maui, HI

I got an extra early start, with an uncomfortably early 5am wake up call. BUT that helped me reach the east coast of the island of Maui with 10 mins to spare before the sun’s rays broke over the ocean waves on the horizon. That solitary moment will be etched in my brain forever. RightContinue reading “The Road to Hana – Maui, HI”

Disney’s Aulani 1-night stay

Do I splurge for one night to end-cap my 17 month dream trip? I just might. Standard vs. deluxe ocean view for a measly $50 more? That was the easy decision. After exploring four of the Hawaiian islands extensively, I opted to “go for it” instead of visiting the additional, quiet paradise of Molokai. IContinue reading “Disney’s Aulani 1-night stay”

Utah fav pics & quotes

Utah is without question my favorite state to visit. It is so uniquely diverse and an adventurer’s playground. Around every corner is a new trail, hidden cave, expansive vista, rugged backcountry, winding slot canyon, towering cliff side, explosive sunset and all around nature’s beauty at it’s best. With only 6 days to get my yearlyContinue reading “Utah fav pics & quotes”

Hawaii fav pics & quotes – part 2

It has been so fun to work on these quotes during my downtime while lounging around during recent airport layovers. The memories are so vivid in my mind and I can’t help but crack a smile and be so proud! Which do you like best and why?!?

Lanai, Hawaii WOW

For a measly $30 one way, I hopped onto the ferry to the island of Lanai for a day of R&R and no expectations but to just chill. After spotting a few whales putting on a show while continuing on their migration to warmer waters, I knew it was going to be a memorable dayContinue reading “Lanai, Hawaii WOW”

Parking Wars

I bought my first car my sophomore year in college…. a used white VW rabbit. It lasted a couple years until it died on me in the middle of the rural Virginia mountains on my way back home for Christmas break. I went on to buy my dads next 2 cars, both Ford Escorts. ReliableContinue reading “Parking Wars”