2023 trip planning

I’m currently 30k feet above at 11:45pm in early November en route back home from a quick weekend work trip in Connecticut and I’m in full blown planning mode. My 2023 calendar is an open canvas and I’m feverishly blocking out weekends for all new adventures. For me, the planning is equally as invigorating andContinue reading “2023 trip planning”

Why solo travel?

Growing up I was so insecure and didn’t have the courage to do anything by myself. So how does that young, naive chick evolve into such an independent, world traveller who jumps at any chance to get totally lost in a new adventure? Maybe it’s because I want to do what I want to doContinue reading “Why solo travel?”

Escape the Grind

How do you turn it off? When I’m in the work zone, I’m laser focused and nothing can derail my drive. An event planner is always on and with many functions in different stages, it is a huge puzzle with very delicate layers all stacked together with pressure building as the days until showtime tickContinue reading “Escape the Grind”

Floyen, Norway🧌🇳🇴

First day of vacation in Norway and I immediately hit the funicular to explore the upper cliff side of Bergen, known as Floyen. The views and weather were stunning on a gorgeous September day. There were plentiful hiking trails and I enjoyed the trek to the hidden lake. Then I climbed through troll forest andContinue reading “Floyen, Norway🧌🇳🇴”

Birthday sunset cruise ⛵️🌅

It’s hard to genuinely surprise me. I can usually read the clues and between the lines, so this year’s annual birthday pilgrimage was an unexpected highlight of the year. Due to recent hurricane damage, being hit by a distracted driver 2 days prior totaling my jeep and a busy fall work schedule, we opted toContinue reading “Birthday sunset cruise ⛵️🌅”

Devil’s Kitchen trek

This trek was an absolute delight! Being my 97th National Monument visited, it says a lot that this is my absolute FAVORITE to date. I was truly blown away! Before even escaping the comfort of my car AC, the 23 mile scenic drive was easily one of the best in the country passing by mindContinue reading “Devil’s Kitchen trek”

3:20am wake up call to adventure

3:20am the alarm echos and I break out of bed like a bolt of lightning. Afraid of being late for my Dry Tortugas National Park adventure, I had packed my bag the night prior and was out the door in 11 mins flat. Being a holiday weekend in the FL Keys, every dive motel isContinue reading “3:20am wake up call to adventure”

Glass dome glamping 🇳🇴

I had been looking forward to this stay since I originally added Norway to my bucket list six years ago. Knowing that it endcapped a week of trekking in the majestic highlands towards the end of the 2022 season, it was to be one of the highlights and rewards for the 50+ miles conquered. AfterContinue reading “Glass dome glamping 🇳🇴”

Rattlesnake Canyon trek

It was a 102 degree scorcher in late July but I was determined to conquer this 9 mi very remote trek. With 35+ arches gracing this path, the eye candy was amazing! I knew getting to the start of this remote trek was going to be tough and I did end up getting lost inContinue reading “Rattlesnake Canyon trek”

Disney Cruise 2022 🚢

Even though I’m blessed to have already been on 23 Disney Cruises, it’s been over 8 years since my last sailing! Who is over the moon excited?!? And to be able to twist the arms of some of my favorite people on this planet to hop onboard together (of course I exaggerate because it wasContinue reading “Disney Cruise 2022 🚢”