1 epic trip – 19 US National Parks

Shame on me. In my extensive travels so far, I have only visited 10 of our 62 US National parks. šŸž ā›°šŸœ How is that possible??!! On my current trip of a lifetime, I have the potential to hit 19 (14 new to me) so I fully intend to take advantage of the annual $80Continue reading “1 epic trip – 19 US National Parks”

9/11 hike to remember

I always try to escape somewhere on 9/11 for some quiet time & to reflect. I remember working at the Disney Sports Clubhouse & not being able to get thru to my college roommate Olympia, who was working near the Pentagon. And now 19 years later, Iā€™m staying with her beautiful family prior to startingContinue reading “9/11 hike to remember”