The Wave Lottery

I am one of the few lucky ones. Typically planning an adventure is very last minute for me, as I will take any long weekend and find a new area to explore. So I never even contemplated making the effort to submit a request for The Wave online lottery four months in advance. Therefore, myContinue reading “The Wave Lottery”


Every year prior to busy summer season, our Disney Sports “Shake & Bake” team would enter in the C. R. O. W. (Canoes Races of the World) held on the Tom Sawyer waterway in the Magic Kingdom. Expectations were always very high, as obviously sporty individuals peppered our highly competitive team. And we only wouldContinue reading “C.R.O.W.”

New Orleans first timer

Little did I know that this spur of the moment long weekend trip would occur only 1 week prior to the world shutting down due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. To end cap a chill weekend, I booked a sunset river cruise and enjoyed the upper deck of the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen almost to myself.Continue reading “New Orleans first timer”

Breckenridge escape

Breck is a magical experience in both winter and summer, which few destinations can boast. While Vail usually draws the bigger crowds (and it is downright mind blowing to experience), I love and prefer this hidden gem. Mountain towns are so inviting and I can’t get enough. Experiencing the snowy wonderland of Breck is aContinue reading “Breckenridge escape”

Disney VoluntEARS

From Kaboom playground builds, to serving meals every 3rd Monday of the month at Give Kids the World, to building houses with Habitat for Humanity, to yearly Toys for Tots distributions, to bringing up the rear of every runDisney race, to annual Canoe Races of the World, we were deeply involved in our local community.Continue reading “Disney VoluntEARS”

Sunrise volcano bike 🌋 🚲

I should be used to a 3:15 wake up call by now after working the runDisney races for 22 years…… This day was one of those long standing bucket list adventures I was crawling out of my skin to start. So I popped right up and made the easy 15 min drive to the bikeContinue reading “Sunrise volcano bike 🌋 🚲”

Swimming with Manatees

If you haven’t immersed yourself into the very chilly waterways in western Florida to swim amongst the manatees, what are you waiting for? Swimming amongst these gentle giants is very special. They migrate into the springs areas to escape the bitter cold ocean waters. Needless to say, I wasn’t very thrilled at the thought ofContinue reading “Swimming with Manatees”

The little things

Have you ever spent time just with your thoughts and figured out what makes you tick? It can be a scary journey but when you hone in on your inner workings and dig deep (really really deep), you can bring to life some little known characteristics that make you uniquely you. While I’m a selfContinue reading “The little things”

Bioluminescent kayak tours

Did you know little ol’ Titusville, FL is unique to only 5 locations in the world for a very specific phenomenon? The crazy bioluminescence fires up in early fall and it is a must do on the Space Coast. The launch site is back in the sticks once you cross over the Max Brewer BridgeContinue reading “Bioluminescent kayak tours”

Stay Wild 🦬 🐾 🐄

Some are born to play it safe & others are meant to be wild! I had made the tough call to bypass the state of North Dakota on my original west road trip with my dad in Fall 2020 due to too much ground to cover just to hit the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. SoContinue reading “Stay Wild 🦬 🐾 🐄”