Where in the World? 🌍

I love the suspense and the “what’s next”??? My adventure travel addiction is well known and this is the #1 question I get when seeing long lost friends or colleagues. And I always have an answer ready because I’m that passionate and committed to making my travel dreams a reality! Dream big. Dream often. LetContinue reading “Where in the World? 🌍”

International Dreamin’ 🇳🇿🇵🇫

12:01am is the start of the next dream, as today I take off to a bucket list exotic destination. Time to truly escape and wander into the unknown. Anything is possible with a little extra effort and the desire to make things happen. Never underestimate the power of your dreams. Have you ever searched forContinue reading “International Dreamin’ 🇳🇿🇵🇫”

Scenic train Oslo ➡️ Bergen🇳🇴

Why not start my Norway active vacation with a scenic train from Oslo to Bergen to really appreciate this majestic landscape? I gambled a bit and for once it backfired….. My direct flight from Orlando was delayed due to a tarmac issue so I missed my original train by 15 mins. Now what to do?Continue reading “Scenic train Oslo ➡️ Bergen🇳🇴”

Ever evolving bucket list 🪣

Every destination is a new adventure and equally mesmerizing. As Walt Disney once said, “if you can dream it, you can do it”. I’m always scouring articles, feeds, apps, pictures and any visuals that cross my path so that I can stuff my 34 current travel wish lists in my phone’s note pad. From hikingContinue reading “Ever evolving bucket list 🪣”

Wild dolphin encounter 🐬

Kia Ora! (Welcome) Way down on the South Island of New Zealand in the quaint beach town of Kaikoura is a very unique wild dolphin experience. At a very uncomfortable 4:30am wake up call, our group made our way to the main office to get suited up in our thick wetsuits & brave the safetyContinue reading “Wild dolphin encounter 🐬”

Stopover ✈️

Why would you purposely schedule a 33 hour layover??? By definition, it is a break in a journey and I love finding these hidden gems that really jump start the first day of vacation. Besides the common sense that it breaks up an uncomfortably long trans-Pacific flight (my first ever), who wouldn’t jump at theContinue reading “Stopover ✈️”

2023 trip planning

I’m currently 30k feet above at 11:45pm in early November en route back home from a quick weekend work trip in Connecticut and I’m in full blown planning mode. My 2023 calendar is an open canvas and I’m feverishly blocking out weekends for all new adventures. For me, the planning is equally as invigorating andContinue reading “2023 trip planning”

Why solo travel?

Growing up I was so insecure and didn’t have the courage to do anything by myself. So how does that young, naive chick evolve into such an independent, world traveller who jumps at any chance to get totally lost in a new adventure? Maybe it’s because I want to do what I want to doContinue reading “Why solo travel?”

Escape the Grind

How do you turn it off? When I’m in the work zone, I’m laser focused and nothing can derail my drive. An event planner is always on and with many functions in different stages, it is a huge puzzle with very delicate layers all stacked together with pressure building as the days until showtime tickContinue reading “Escape the Grind”

Floyen, Norway🧌🇳🇴

First day of vacation in Norway and I immediately hit the funicular to explore the upper cliff side of Bergen, known as Floyen. The views and weather were stunning on a gorgeous September day. There were plentiful hiking trails and I enjoyed the trek to the hidden lake. Then I climbed through troll forest andContinue reading “Floyen, Norway🧌🇳🇴”