Garth Brooks Soundcheck

Unexpected perks are truly blessings. Volunteering to work guest services for our suites on the biggest concert ever hosted at Camping World Stadium, I really had the mindset to just be ready for anything amongst the 70,000 guests. I had seen Garth for my 40th birthday and it was over the top amazing (even thoughContinue reading “Garth Brooks Soundcheck”

Glacier hike 🇳🇴

This was the crazy adventure I didn’t know I needed. After strapping on 3 inch crampons, helmet, harness and grabbing an ice axe, we got secured to our teammates via rope. Who would entrust me with an axe and what did we just get ourselves into? The daunting 300m vertical ice field ahead made usContinue reading “Glacier hike 🇳🇴”

Fisher Towers hike

I can count on one hand the number of times my body has completely shut down and said “nope, you are not 22 years old anymore”. This day, I was 90% sure I was going to skip this iconic trek but my adventurous side won over as I passed the exit and I found myselfContinue reading “Fisher Towers hike”

Travel reading pleasure

What’s your favorite reading genre? I’m a huge fan of thriller/suspense lawyer type books. A complete 360 from my chosen profession and my release. But I really only read for pleasure while on vacation mostly just because of being in the regular work grind. And nobody knows, but growing up I didn’t enjoy reading andContinue reading “Travel reading pleasure”

Indiana Dunes NP 🏞

On a whirlwind 23 hour business trip to northern Indiana, I couldn’t resist a small detour to get my hiking fix in. And it was an extra treat, as Indiana Dunes National Park had not been checked off of my bucket list thus far. It became my 49th of 63 to conquer! On the 75Continue reading “Indiana Dunes NP 🏞”

Boat trippin 📱

Have you ever had a moment of klutziness that you wish you had back? Well, mine came on a small dock in downtown Orlando amongst 5 coworkers. After a quiet cruise and picnic around the chain of lakes, we returned just prior to sunset and started unloading all our gear. I prepared to exit theContinue reading “Boat trippin 📱”

March Madness 🏀

March has become one of my fav months of the year due to the onslaught of hoops 24/7. And if Duke makes it through the Sweet Sixteen, I become a maniac. For almost 15 years, I’ve made the yearly trek to see a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium and join the “crazies” for one ofContinue reading “March Madness 🏀”

Sea turtle watch 🐢

Despite a long day at work in Orlando, I dashed home to scarf down some leftover lasagna and beeline to the Merritt Island Refuge I had booked a spontaneous excursion the day prior out to Playalinda Beach to take part in a turtle watch… and it just happens to be National Sea Turtle Day🐢🪹 AfterContinue reading “Sea turtle watch 🐢”

Bar at the end of the pier

Surfside Beach is my second home and every visit takes me back to simpler times. That first night I’m always itching to ride a bike the 2.5 miles to the pier and make the walk to the end. It’s my routine. I put in my headphones and sing away, without a care in the world.Continue reading “Bar at the end of the pier”

Trolltunga sunset 🏔

Norway had been on my bucket list for at least 5 years but the hefty price tag always had me finding an excuse to choose an alternative trek. But September 2022, it was time…. After a brutal work schedule in August, I was craving some solo time in the mountains far away from reality. MissionContinue reading “Trolltunga sunset 🏔”