Soaring over the Napali Coast

I am not easily “wowed”, even though I do appreciate many of mother nature’s miracles. Helicopters are not really my thing (Nepal/Everest flashbacks), so when I found the only biplane certified to fly over the Napali Coast I knew this was my big adventure ticket while visiting the gorgeous island of Kauai. (And the priceContinue reading “Soaring over the Napali Coast”

Scuba diving the Med Sea

To date, I’ve ventured into the big blue 36 times and each one is very unique. You never know what sea life and forces of nature are waiting for you to explore. During my gap year of adventure, I was already getting sad at the thought of my 10 month whirlwind rapidly coming to anContinue reading “Scuba diving the Med Sea”

Haleakala summit trek & sunset

At 10,023 feet, the summit at Haleakala National Park is a must do when visiting the island of Maui. The silence is inspiring. The crunch of the volcanic ash beneath your dust caked hiking boots is deafening, in a crazy, cool way. If you dare, take a portion of the Sliding Sands trail down intoContinue reading “Haleakala summit trek & sunset”

Costa Rica x2

A tropical adventure haven. My first visit was a group multi sport trip of hiking, rafting, biking and multiple addons. We rode a 4×4 to an isolated farm to start our trek into the jungle, where we only brought what we could carry on our backs. True roughing it. We hiked through mud deep intoContinue reading “Costa Rica x2”


When I travel to Central America or South America, I typically use GAdventures to plan all the details as they do a great job sourcing local guides and finding quaint lodging that you would never be able to find on your own. But I did venture out to another company for this trip. It wasContinue reading “Belize/Guatemala/Honduras”

Disney Polynesian Hostess

My story joining the “Happiest place on Earth” cast: After graduating and coaching basketball for 2 years at my alma mater, I made the huge leap to start over in Orlando, FL. I wanted to go where no one knew me and see what I could make of it. Over Spring Break in 1998, IContinue reading “Disney Polynesian Hostess”

Overnight layover in Athens

Would you purposely schedule an overnight layover in a foreign city just to get a glimpse of one of your long-standing bucket list destinations? Hell yes! En route back to Athens from a glorious 8 days hiking on the island of Crete and a spontaneous 2 days in Santorini, I arrived into a deserted airportContinue reading “Overnight layover in Athens”

Waikiki sunset glow

The after glow of a sunset from the infamous Waikiki beach just hit differently. Truly spellbinding. EVERY night no one missed a chance to slow down and appreciate Mother Nature put on a spectacular show. There was a silence from the droves of tourists lining the shoreline and hundreds of suffers bobbing in the water,Continue reading “Waikiki sunset glow”

Southern Utah 6-day adventure itinerary

Adventure travel is my passion and I have to say Southern Utah is my “go to” location for an awesome outdoor itinerary suitable for any weekend warrior looking to get out of their comfort zone. In January 2022, I quickly threw together a jam-packed 6 day journey that exceeded even my own expectations. FYI, IContinue reading “Southern Utah 6-day adventure itinerary”

Best attraction in every state

While I’m a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie, you would be surprised at the places that I remember while traversing across this big country. This is by no means a perfect list, as there are a few states that I definitely need to explore more of in the future. Enjoy this virtual road trip to myContinue reading “Best attraction in every state”