100 adventure life lessons

I am internally motivated and love exploring the inner workings of my adventurous, spontaneous persona. Always up for a challenge or new experience, this is my list of inspiring activities to just get out & enjoy life (many of which I’ve already taken to heart early in 2021):

  1. Dance or hike in the rain
  2. Go to the airport with a bookbag and pick a destination for a weekend getaway – be spontaneous
  3. Never miss a sunset (or sunrise if you’re an early riser)
  4. Volunteer your time to a cause that you are passionate about
  5. Take a solo trip at least once – you will find out so much about yourself
  6. Find a hobby that lights the fire within
  7. Music is an escape – make a playlist of your top 10 songs of all time & play them full blast on a roadtrip (on repeat)
  8. Explore the underwater world via snorkeling, diving, glass bottom kayak, etc
  9. Take flight via parasail, hang gliding, bungee jumping or skydiving – feel the wind
  10. Climb into a cave or go spelunking to explore pure darkness
  11. Hike a cliffside route to feel the exhilaration
  12. Ride a ski gondola during summer so you can mountain bike down the thrilling slopes
  13. Reduce your carbon footprint by riding a bike to get around town on your next vacation
  14. Swing on a tree swing to act like a kid again
  15. Plan your own roadtrip and share the highlights with a friend after
  16. Spend time on a beachside reflecting on your life – dig deep
  17. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it at the summit of a mountain after a hard trek up
  18. Connect with nature – snails, birds, flowers, squirrels, waterfalls – really appreciate your surroundings
  19. Have a thirst for knowledge to learn the history of the places you have the privilege to visit
  20. Learn some key phrases in the native language of your destination – the locals love someone who genuinely tries to connect
  21. Follow a sea turtle around while snorkeling to see the world from their perspective
  22. Stay in a hostel and get to know your fellow travelers over a game of cards or a home cooked meal
  23. Roast marshmallows over a campfire with friends and old stories
  24. Play the national parks board game to explore your wanderlust
  25. Throw yourself down a natural rock slide & feel the year round chill of river water – there are a ton across the US
  26. Hike the rim of a volcano crater & imagine the devastation caused by lava flow
  27. Rock climb or boulder (low risk traverse that stays close to the ground without ropes) your way across a bumpy mountain side
  28. Plan a weekend getaway for a friend or two – don’t tell them where you are going just a few items to pack along for the wild ride
  29. Tackle your first adventure race with a group of buddies ready to get dirty, climb obstacles, crawl through mud…. you get the picture
  30. Go crabbing, shrimping or fishing over the swamplands
  31. Find your zen at a yoga studio and tap into your inner strength
  32. Join the new craze of ax throwing to let off steam
  33. Take part in a pool league and hone in on your skills to hit straight into the corner pocket
  34. Take off on a day casino cruise and bet it all
  35. Find a drive in movie and enjoy the old fashion experience
  36. Experience the rush of speeding through treetops via a zip line – added bonus to go “Superman” style
  37. Grab a bucket – go orange, blueberry, strawberry, peach picking
  38. Try a high energy soul cycle or peleton class to fire up the sweat
  39. Learn the strategy of a racquetball game and hit away
  40. Strike and drive a small, white ball at a driving range for stress relief
  41. Take the challenge of clipping in to a ropes course and test your limits
  42. Sign up for a cooking or baking class to get just a little better in the kitchen
  43. Jump on a jetski or boat and feel the wind in your hair as you jump waves
  44. Ride a wave on a surfboard or boogie board
  45. Walk across water on a skim board
  46. Pitch a tent to get out and be one with nature
  47. Visit a water park with your kids, nieces, nephews and see the joy in their smile & laughter
  48. Go to a college basketball game and sit in the student section to feel the energy & excitement of game day
  49. Join a kickboxing class and really try to synchronize your movements to the music
  50. Play an active video game – my choice is guitar hero to jam out and fulfill that rockstar dream
  51. Hop on a carousel & spin to your hearts content at a park to relive your childhood
  52. Visit a firefighter museum to get in uniform and test out the gear
  53. Experience a snow sport – ski, snowboard, tube, bike – to enjoy nature in a frozen setting
  54. Hang on to a rope behind a boat or jetski to feel the thrill of cutting through water on a ski, wakeboard or knee board
  55. Free dive (no tank) a shallow reef or wreck
  56. Dance your heart away at a Zumba class
  57. Jump on board an ATV to get lost in the trails
  58. Drive & putt the ball on a local golf course
  59. Saddle up and trot along with a horse in their world
  60. Chase waterfalls and rainbows
  61. Find a rare tennis wall so you can practice on your own or ask a friend to join you on the courts
  62. Go for a run along the waterfront
  63. Attack a 30 day arm or leg (or both) exercise progression chart
  64. Hire a personal trainer to focus on your health and individualized plan
  65. Try an emerging sport like kitesurfing or windsurfing
  66. Drop a kayak, SUP or canoe in a local watering hole and paddle away
  67. Try to fly on an airboat – just once!
  68. Find a ping pong table to challenge your buddies in a good old fashioned game
  69. Go to a shooting range to learn a new skill safely
  70. Visit a dude ranch to live a cowboy life
  71. Run the steps of your local stadium to challenge yourself to a great workout
  72. Ride bikes through wine tasting country and stop frequently
  73. Hit away at a local batting cage
  74. Swim laps to enjoy a low impact physical activity
  75. Climb on an outdoor jungle gym and hang from the monkey bars just like when you were a kid
  76. Rappel down a waterfall (bonus points for a night time thrill)
  77. Jump on a skateboard or rollerblades to feel like a kid again (at your own risk)
  78. Grab a trash bag and take the initiative to clean up your favorite beach area
  79. Clip into a cliffside via ferrata (iron rungs pounded into a rock face for hikers to use as footholds) to reach the peak
  80. Join a local run group to get in more miles and laughs along the way
  81. Grab a jump rope for a great workout in a short amount of time
  82. Peg your opponent at a competitive game of paintball
  83. Find a local disc golf or frisbee course to try something different
  84. Join an indoor futsal soccer league to improve your footwork and touch on the ball
  85. Find a US certified dark park to be blown away while stargazing & name your own shooting star
  86. Jump in an orb to go flying down a hillside in your own bubble
  87. Complete a pull-up challenge just like from the physical fitness test from your childhood
  88. Keep score at a riveting game of mini golf just like when you were a kid
  89. Take a running leap off a rock to make a splash into a local river and do it again
  90. Hit away at old school air hockey
  91. Portray elegance at a winter staple – ice skating
  92. Explore on a canyoneering adventure, which is a mixture of hiking and rappelling typically through canyons and watering holes
  93. Bowl a strike or two
  94. Dress up in camouflage to go hunting deep in the woods
  95. Sled down sand dunes
  96. Check out heli hiking or heli skiing – look it up!
  97. Find your balance on a tightrope – add in any height for a big risk
  98. Take a motorcycle safety course to obtain your license and a new sense of freedom
  99. Climb a rope to the top just like in old school gym class
  100. Go on a safari to meet animals in their own habitat

No regrets!

Published by elliottcm

Love adventure travel, work hard & play hard, happy in both extremes - relaxing on a remote beach or rappelling down cliffs, take joy in simple things, love being on & near the water, visited 55 countries & 47 states so far in this crazy beautiful life! Goals by my 50th birthday - 50 states. 75 countries. 50 national parks. Be in Antarctica on my big day.

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