Scuba diving the Med Sea

To date, I’ve ventured into the big blue 36 times and each one is very unique. You never know what sea life and forces of nature are waiting for you to explore.

During my gap year of adventure, I was already getting sad at the thought of my 10 month whirlwind rapidly coming to an end. So when we had a free afternoon along the coast of Turkey, three of my fellow travelers and I jumped at the opportunity to join a local dive boat in the cute town of Kas. And for only $70 for a two tank dive, which is a steal, we were ready to escape the scorching mid June European heat wave too.

After a safety briefing and signing our lives away, we were split into buddies and began the arduous processes of getting our equipment ready. Without question, donning a 5mm wetsuit is the worst part of any water experience. But it’s a means to an end, and we quickly anchor at our first site.

My buddy and I were already certified divers and jump off first into the aqua blue waters. He unfortunately had issues equalizing his ears, so we ventured onward on my own private 42 min tour. While the sea life was sparse and the reefs were almost colorless, I always enjoy the quiet expanse of the underworld and the rhythm of just breathing.

I always have a story and my day ahead was filled with a double whammy…….

As I was pulling myself back up onto the boat with the extremely heavy gear, my right foot slipped on the top rung and I plunged back down into the sea below. And of course I slammed into every rung along the way with my left toes and shin. OUCH!

After shaking it off and thankfully not drawing any blood, we fire up the engine for the short sail to our next spot. My buddy again can’t clear his ears, so he hands me his GoPro to capture footage of the wreck below. As we descend, my instructor takes the camera off of my wrist strap to shoot some video of me. I don’t remember getting the camera back, but in the first 10 mins of the dive a light bulb ignited in my head and sheer panic ensues. I hand sign while 30’ below deck that I lost the camera and want to abandon the dive, but he points ahead and we continue on for another painful 34 mins. Needless to say, that dive is a blur as I find tears pooling up in my mask. I can always replace a camera but I have no idea how many priceless pictures have been lost or how my new friend will handle his camera being lost at sea.

Back aboard, I share the bad news and two of the instructors swim off to see if they can find it bobbing in the swift current (the casing does float) or stuck amongst the rocky alcoves. I see nothing but wide open ocean and know it is a long shot to find. However…… my dive instructor then pops his head around the corner with a big smile on his face and all peace is restored once again!!

Mental note for future adventures: attach all items to my life jacket/BCD!

Published by elliottcm

Love adventure travel, work hard & play hard, happy in both extremes - relaxing on a remote beach or rappelling down cliffs, take joy in simple things, love being on & near the water, visited 55 countries & 47 states so far in this crazy beautiful life! Goals by my 50th birthday - 50 states. 75 countries. 50 national parks. Be in Antarctica on my big day.

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